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Create your Font…..


This is a software to create your own font. You can create a font and apply in your computer.


You can also edit available fonts in this software. You can create a font like a drawing.



So this is a very useful software in designing and developing a new font.



Hidden Secrets ………………….


This is a wonderful game. This is most interested game.



This is a game of find something in picture. This is a very good and interested game.


Google Translator crack……..


This is a language translator from the Google. This software can translate any language in to your your language.

This is a main window .


You can write at upper side and translated sentence is shown in lower box.

This is a cracked version of Google Translator Pro 5.1.551+Crack .

This is a very good software for translate in different languages.



Speed Up Your PC & Increase RAM Performance without any software!!


Increase the performance of the random access memory (RAM) without using any other program like Ccleaner, RAM Increaser. This method is very effective and guaranteed 100% where it was tested on the following systems: Windows 7, Vista and XP and the result was very spectacular.

First go to start and type in run, on the run command type in system.ini and then click ok.


And then you will see this:


Change the value to 30000 and then add this line:




and then save it and then close.

You will now notice that your system is much more faster than ever before.

1: go to My Computer > C drive > Windows
2: search & copy the file ‘system.ini’
3: Paste that file into Desktop
4: Edit the file like how it has done in this video , then save it as in desktop
5: Delete the original system.ini file in WINDOWS folder
6: Take the edited file from desktop to WINDOWS and paste it….

Enjoy it…..


Nokia, just like Android has a magnificent number of application in their application store named Nokia Ovi Store. The application database is superb and one will find one or the other application to suit his needs. One thing annoying with the app store in that you can not download the apps on your PC and later transfer it to your phone. People who are not connected through GPRS or 3G find it real pain to install the apps. Now here is a way you can download the apps directly to your system and transfer them to your mobile at a later stage.
Note: I have used Firefox and Windows OS for the trick and to be frank I don’t know how to do it on other browser and Operating Systems so please install Firefox before you proceed on a Windows running system
Guide to download Nokia Ovi store application to PC:
  • Download a small Firefox add-on User Agent Switcher and restart your browser for the changes to take effect.
  • Now Open any suitable editor and copy the code given below.

Click Here to Download User Agent Source code...

  • Save this file with .xml extension (please make sure you don’t save it in .txt or .doc format.)
  • Now go to tools –> Default user agent –> Edit User Agents option in Firefox and click on Import option.
  • Browser for the above .xml file you just created and import it.
  • Again navigate to Tools –> Default User Agent and select your phone’s model number, or the model which resemble the OS of your phone the most.
  • Now open the Ovi Store homepage and download all the application directly to your system.

 If you are wondering what we did in the above steps, don’t stress out. In simple words we are just fooling the Nokia Ovi Store website that we are browsing their website from our default Nokia Browser and not Firefox granting us privilege to download the apps.
Note : Don’t forget to change the user agent back to the default value by navigating to Tools –> Default User Agent –> Default User after you are done with downloading your favorite app or your Firefox will behave like your default mobile phone’s browser.

How to Trace your lost mobile phone?

Well it is really a problem if your mobile is lost. The following is a technique that I read in a Blog and hope it works.
1: dial *#06# from your mobile.
2: Now note down the IMEI number which will help u in recovering the mobile.
3: If your mobile is lost or stolen you can sent the following form to
Your name:
Phone model:
Last used No.:
E-mail for communication:
Missed date:
Sent the mail and within 24 hours a reply will tell you where your mobile is.
Note : This way is not working in Pakistan

Nero Clean Tool

Hi Friends….
This software is useful to remove nero from your system…
Some time nero is not uninstall or install so using this software you can solve that problem….

Click here to download Nero Clean Tool…

View the Effile Tower in 360 degree……..


This is a 3D Picture of Effile Tower.

Enjoy the 3D view from top of the Effile Tower and you can see whole Peris city from Top of the Effile Tower.

You can see the amazing view in 360 degree.


To get more Click Here…..

Tutorial for HTML……


This a tutorial for HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language).

To learn how to design a site via HTML.







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